Developed using traditional recipes and aromatic herbs and spices from the tropical island of Jamaica, Port Royal patties have a golden, flaky pastry crust that crumbles in your mouth. Inside each patty is a spicy filling that transports you to the Caribbean and the vibrant and colourful streets of Jamaica.

The classic Jamaican patty! We use high grade British beef combined with aromatic herbs including fresh thyme and scotch bonnet pepper, to deliver a truly authentic patty.

We add Jamaican turmeric to succulent chicken and mixed vegetables to recreate the distinctive spicy curry flavour from our island. The perfect hot and tasty snack on-the-go!

The latest trend direct from Jamaica, this tasty new patty combines our traditional beef recipe with melted cheddar cheese to create a taste sensation!

Jerk chicken is one of Jamaica’s culinary delights. In this patty we combine fresh chicken with authentic jerk seasoning to produce a spicy, delicious patty

Saltfish is a true Jamaican favourite. We take boneless salted cod, mix it with a medley of delicious vegetables, and cook it together with our secret mix of spices and mixed herbs to create this delicious patty.

A unique blend of traditional spices – including Jamaican turmeric, thyme and scotch bonnet pepper – is mixed with quality lamb to create this mouth-watering patty, all sealed in a golden flaky crust.

In this patty we combine Adzuki and Kidney beans, sweet peppers and sweet corn which are slow cooked in a Jerk seasoned tomato sauce, totally tastebud tingling! It’s also approved vegan by the vegetarian society.

Our secret blend of authentic Jamaican herbs and spices are combined with butternut squash and lentils and then slow cooked to create this great tasting patty – which is Vegan approved by the Vegetarian society.

Our secret mix of authentic Jamaican herbs and spices, including scotch bonnet pepper, combined with a medley of delicious vegetables in a light curry sauce. It’s also approved vegan by the vegetarian society.

Slightly larger than our cocktails. Same delicious recipe! A Perfect snack for the kids or starter for your party.  Available in beef and vegetable.

Cocktail Patties
Our delicious patties are also available in cocktail size, perfect to spice up any event. Available in beef, chicken, lamb, vegetable, jerk chicken and saltfish.