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What is a Patty?

A Patty is a pie with a flaky pastry shell and a savoury meat or vegetable filling. Baked until golden brown and served HOT, the patty is a favourite of all walks of life throughout the Caribbean and the diaspora. The patty is easily one of the World’s most loved street foods.

What is a patty?



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“Out of many…one Patty!”

The Jamaican patty has its roots in the Cornish pasty traditionally eaten by fishermen, miners and farm labourers. In Jamaica, Beef mince (or veggies!) was mixed with cumin and curry seasonings originating from East India & Africa. Finally the “firecracker” taste of the Scotch bonnet (a hot pepper that’s indigenous to Jamaica) was added – that sealed the flavour. This delicious filling was then baked into a perfectly flaky pastry – the Kingston Crust! However, it was the Chinese Jamaicans, who perfected the patty to make it the classic food we know and love today. “The patty shop” soon became a household name. It was the place where everyone could get a quick delicious meal on the go for the price of a few coins. Like the Jamaican motto, “Out of many One People”, we like to say “Out of many One Patty!”

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If we were to describe Notting Hill Carnival 2014 in one sentence it would be “Rain or Shine, we gonna Whine”! It was a tale of two Carnivals. Sunday, the kiddies day, was bathed in Glorious sunshine. Families by the thousands, enjoying the spectacle that is Carnival! Policemen being “whined” upon by gyrating beauties, revelers dancing with abandon. And how we love the smell of Jerk Chicken wafting through the air. Jamaican Patties fed the multitudes! And “We Love we Chicken and we Goat well curry”, Supacat would say! Truly a magnificent day! Monday, the adult’s day, was magnificent in a different way. It showed the true resilience of the real reveler. In contrast to the sunny Sunday, we had a very moist Monday! Rain steadily poured from the start to the finish. But did that stop us? No! Can we party in the Rain? Yes we Can! And Yes we did! And we did it with distinction…Party goers were soaked to the bone, but it seemed to only make us dance harder! At Carnival, The five senses get a cultural charge and the sixth sense might even come into play! We were based at London’s coolest bar, Trailer Happiness! 177 Portobello Rd. Great times at a Great Location! If you haven’t yet experienced the Notting Hill Carnival, what are you waiting for?? Port Royal Patties will be there in 2015 along with the Scotchies London Cooking Team! Come on and join the fun, we can’t wait for next year! See you there! xxx        ... read more

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