Trade information

It will come as no surprise that initially Port Royal patties were bought mainly by the Caribbean Diaspora. That’s not the case today! Now they are enjoyed by every race, colour and creed.

Today the ‘bite-size’ cocktail patties are as likely to be served alongside a chilled glass of champagne at a smart Chelsea drinks party, as with a bottle of Red Stripe in Brixton to the sound of the Wailers!

isotretinoin purchase overnight delivery Jamaican Patties Ltd. t/a Port Royal is now the biggest producer of authentic Jamaican Style “Kingston Crust” patties in the United Kingdom.

Port Royal is also the exclusive UK distributor for St. Mary Snacks which include Banana, Breadfruit (Seasonal) Cassava & Plantain.

St. Mary’s snack products are a household name throughout the Caribbean. St. Mary’s is the leading snack brand by a country mile. They also have a strong and loyal following here in the UK which increases in size month after month.

So popular have the St. Mary’s snacks become that extra large containers are being used to ship the snacks from Jamaica directly to the UK!


Early Morning Cobbold Road. North London. The first batch of beef patties make their way along the Production Line. Quality Control is Paramount!

Port Royal is a family business and proud of it!

The future is looking good for Port Royal. Patty sales are on the up month after month. St. Mary’s snacks disappear off the shelves as soon as they stocked. But we are never complacent. We know that we’re only as good as last month’s sales figures, that we work in a highly competitive and price sensitive market and that our customers, and that includes our distributers deserve the very best.


Port Royal Patties trade information:


  • We sell 140 gram patties baked and chilled, or 150 gram unbakedand frozen for bake off. (There is no price difference.)
  • Shelf life for baked goods is 19 days. Frozen shelf life is one year from production.
  • We sell our 140/150 gram patties in boxes of 20. Flavours are Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Vegetable , NEW Jerk Chicken,  Saltfish and NEW Beef & Cheese. We also sell 30 gram small cocktail patties in boxes of 100, baked and unbaked. We need 2 days notice to bake. If we bake the cocktails for you, we can do a 50/50 mix. The cocktails come with Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Vegetable or Saltfish fillings.
  • We don’t mix the boxes. We deliver to business in London. But we do not deliver to private residences.
  • We sell directly to the general public at our factory, detailed below. The factory is open from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm. We sometimes open on Saturday due to manufacturing demands. Please call ahead to find out.
  • We are also listed in 140 Tescos, 23 Morrisons, 30 Sainsbury’s and shortly in Asda. Please call your local store to see if we are listed.

 Ask for us at your favourite Caribbean Take-Away