The secret history of Port Royal Patties

Edward Johnston had been living in the UK for about 5 years having moved from Jamaica. He lived in North London and frequented Camden Town on his nights out. He left a ‘local establishment’ late one night on his way home, craving a late night snack.  He happened upon a small kiosk, which had a mix of pizza slices and kebabs. He was surprised to see what looked like a Jamaican patty and the proprietor confirmed that indeed it was. However, when Edward ordered his patty and took a bite. He thought, “This is NOT a Jamaican Patty!!! We need to bring the real deal to the UK!!” On his walk home that thought developed into a business plan, which became the company that is Port Royal, with its now famous Kingston Crust. Business School came next – with Edward studying for an MBA. As part of his course Edward created the Port Royal business plan, achieved a high grade, then confident in his plan, set about bringing all the elements together. Coincidently, Edward’s Dad Charles had been approached in Jamaica by an interesting group of entrepreneurswho also had the idea of creating authentic Jamaican Patties in the UK. Starting with family recipes from the famous Jamaican Bakery, “Mother’s Patties”, and with the help of Owen Munro, a master baker, Edward began to turn his business plan into reality, and Jamaican Patties Ltd., trading as Port Royal was born.

“On any given day, Jamaicans line up for patties…The patty has been the go-to street food snack for the rich and poor for decades”

Michelle Rousseau, foodie and co-host of Two Sisters & a Meal Weekly TV show on Jamaican TVJ