Our patties

The perfectly golden colour is a key indicator to the taste to come. The tasty flakes of pastry promise a great crunchy bite that will crumble into your mouth. That wonderful crunch of pastry gives way to a spicy flavourful filling that has a smooth gravy like quality that rounds out the Perfect Patty experience. One often has to squeeze the smooth filling into place to adjust the pastry to filling ratio of each bite. No one can eat a bit of a patty. It will always be consumed down to the last bite. Right down to the crumbs. These are the Finest Jamaican Patties in London, UK & The World!

Beef patty

High grade British beef combined with aromatic herbs and spices for the ‘Genuine Jamaica Taste’, Fresh Scotch Bonnet is used which gives a real chilli kick yet also has a sophisticated after taste. Fresh Jamaican thyme gives a strong flavour of the tropics.

Jerk Chicken patty

Succulent chicken in spicy curry. Jamaican curry is very distinctive due to the strong Jamaican tumeric used in its blending. The rich soil in Jamaica is extremely nutritious.

All agricultural produce grown is top quality and full of flavour.

Beef patty

Quality ground lamb combined with potato and a unique mix of Jamaican curry and herbs. This patty is modelled after Jamaica’s famous Curry Goat dish. Again the Jamaican curry is used with lamb and a small amount of potato and onion and as always Scotch Bonnet peppers.


Beef patty

Boneless salted cod with a mixed vegetable medley cooked with spices and mixed herbs. Saltfish is also famous with Ackee as it is Jamaica’s National dish. Our patties allow you to enjoy this treat hassle free as it is time consuming to make!


Beef patty

Fresh vegetables:  A fabulous vegetable medley cooked in Jamaican curry and mixed herbs. Vegetarian society approved – therefore suitable for vegetarians.



Beef patty

Today the ‘bite-size’ cocktail patties are as likely to be served alongside a chilled glass of champagne at a smart Chelsea drinks party, as with a bottle of Red Stripe in Brixton to the sound of the Wailers!



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