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Port Royal Carnival Summer!

Port Royal Carnival Summer!



 Port Royal is supporting Morrisons at their Carnival sampling events throughout August –Come join us!!

 Croydon, CR0 4NZ      July 30th

Wood Green, N22 6BH     August 6th

Stratford, E15 1EN      August 13th

Thamesmead, SE28 8RD      August  20th

Peckham, SE15 5EW    August    27th

With raffles, prizes, fun, and food from us and various other Caribbean related brands, Morrisons is bringing a taste of sunshine to your local store.

The money that Morrisons raises in the raffle will be donated to the store’s chosen charity. PLUS, they’ve arranged a steel band to bring that Carnival Vibe and we have a case of patties to give away as well!  Take a pic with our banner in store on the day and tweet @PortRoyalLondon to enter.

 It’s well worth the visit so we look forward to seeing you there.

#LoveDemPatties #PortRoyalSummer #KeepItPortRoyal

Leisurely days, pleasant afternoons, and joy-filled evenings, a Port Royal patty is ideal at any time of day this sunny season.

Enjoy your summer, Enjoy Carnival, Enjoy Port Royal.




Patty Party Weekend is a fundraising event to take place at your home or place of work on any  weekend between 1st August – 31st October. Have fun cooking up the best Patty recipes, or if you’re short of time why not buy in your favourite patty’s and invite your friends, family and work colleagues to make a donation for your tasty treats, with donations going to the ACLT. It’s simple! Port Royal is the preferred patty for the Patty Party and we’ll be selling patties to participants for 65p!

Workplace – Send invitations to your work colleagues encouraging them to purchase fundraising pattys and cakes. Remember to seek permission from your manager.

Home – Invite friends and family to a brunch or afternoon Patty Party and include fundraising activities for all attendees.

And remember to get your Patties from Port Royal! The Best Jamaican Patties in London!

To join the fun, click the link below and register.

Thanks much!–

Veggie Patty!

Veggie Patty!

Chicken Patty

Chicken Patty

Our Wonderful Patties!

Our Wonderful Patties!





Buy generic viagra online usa, Can you buy viagra in pattaya

Kaya Festival celebrates all things in African, Jamaican and Caribbean entertainment. The festival has seen the likes of Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, Tony Allen and Tinchy Stryder celebrate the theme.

The music stages at Kaya finish at midnight, but other entertainment finishes at around 3:30am. The other entertainment at Kaya ranges from cabaret to comedy as well as after-hours music themed nights.

Kaya Festival celebrates all things in African, Jamaican and Caribbean entertainment.



PORT ROYAL will be Joining RUMBLIN’ at these great summer events! RUMBLIN’ is a new and exciting event that will immerse you in a taste experience designed to showcase the versatility of rum expressed in cocktails, canapés, sorbet and ice cream!

Brixton Splash is a free community street festival led by the local community. The event is aimed at celebrating the area’s diversity, its progress through the years and the fusion of the numerous ethnic groups that now call Brixton home.


It is a celebration of peaceful relations, vibrant living in Brixton and Brixton’s contribution to the wider London culture.